Studio Associato Pomati Schiavi Manera

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Sede di Pavia
Via Riviera, 39
+39 0382 530764
+39 0382 22472
Business , tax and legal advisers

  • Tax advisory and planning
  • Business Areas:
  1. Business planning, reporting and control
  2. pharmaceutical
  3. family and groups coachingg
  4. oil and gas
  5. Corporate gov. and finance
  6. insurance
  7. food & beverage production
  8. agriculture
  9. tax litigation
  10. bankrupcy assistance
  11. bookkeeping and management accounting

Built up in 1989, from 1994 as professional partnership by the today senior partners. Based in Milan area, since the beginning the Association advices corporation and business with a peculiar “structure before facts and persons before numbers” approach, that allows establishing long term relationships with partners and clients.
dr. Giacomo Pomati

dr.ssa Maria Pia Schiavi
dr.ssa Antonella Manera
dr Alberto Andreoletti

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