Statute (short list)


Art. 1 - Company name, head-office and term

The non-profit Association named “EURODEFI Professional Club of tax, legal & financial advisers”, hereinafter referred to as the Association, is established in compliance with art.18 of the Italian Constitution and articles 36, 37 and 38 of the Civil Code. The Association has its head-office located in Milan, 11 Via Maria Teresa. The Association may carry out its activity on the entire national territory and abroad. The Association non-political, non-sectarian and has an unlimited term.


Art. 2 - Purpose and object

The Association, commercial activity excluded, is a non-profit making association. The purpose of the Association is the creation of a network of chartered accountants, auditors, attorneys and engineers, registered in their respective rolls, university professors teaching economic, corporate, legal and financial subjects and, in general, professionals in the economic and/or financial and/or legal and/or insurance and/or accounting fields. The Association sets out to develop the business management of associates and to promote their business as well as to organise conferences, lectures, meetings, training courses for the associates, also in partnership with third parties, in Italy and abroad. The activity can also be carried out via the planning and creation of organisational and/or managing models, the assistance in the fields connected with IT technology, insurance, finance, research, selection and training of personnel and/or collaborators, the exchange of services among the associates in full respect of the professional independence of each of them. In order to achieve its purpose, the Association may carry out a direct activity aimed at stipulating all the useful and necessary agreements to favour the professional activity of associates. The Association may also create a series of connections with equivalent international organisations, in order to provide the associates with correspondents abroad. The Association, any commercial activity excluded, may retain and manage social shares provided that they are deemed necessary to achieve the Association purpose.


Art. 4 - Associates

The members of the Association can be chartered accountants, auditors, attorneys, engineers registered in their respective rolls, university professors teaching economic, corporate, legal and financial subjects and, in general, professionals in the economic and/or financial and/or legal and/or insurance and/or accounting fields, be they individuals or companies and/or professional associations, provided that they make a written request together with the presentation of one of the associates, provided that they are accepted by the Board of Directors, that they pay the association fee and that they declare the following statements in the admission request:
- that they want to take part in the Association activities;
- that they accept, unreservedly, the Association By-laws and the internal regulations relevant to the use of the Association goods and equipment.
Membership would not prejudice associates being members of other similar associations and organisations both in Italy and abroad. The number of members is unlimited.
In accepting or refusing a membership request, the Board of Directors shall comply with the admission requirements set forth by the By-laws. The decision must be grounded and notified to the interested party by the Board of Directors. The ruling of the association relationship and methods aimed at guaranteeing the effectiveness of the relationship itself are the same for all the associates. Any limitation of the temporariness of the participation to the Association activities is expressly excluded. All associates have the right to vote for the approval and amendments of By-laws, of the annual report and for the appointment of the Board of the Association. The Association roles are unpaid, except for possible expense refunds.
The title of associate will no longer apply for the following reasons:
a) voluntary resignation to be notified in written to the Board of Directors and that shall be valid at the end of the current fiscal year provided that it is presented at least three months in advance;
b) default, in the case any of the associates, not having given advance notice, is in arrears with the payment of the association fee and in the case said associate does not provide with the payment within fifteen days from request sent by the Board of Directors with registered letter; 
c) exclusion, in the case one of the following circumstances occurs:
- breach of any of the obligations of the by-laws;
- breach of the internal regulations, when existing;
- discreditable behaviour within and out of the Association;
- behaviour in contrast with Association activities;
- moral indignity of the associate for sentence implying the interdiction from public charges;
- occurred circumstances that, due to their seriousness, make the continuation of the association membership incompatible.
The exclusion of a member shall be decided by the Board of Directors.
The decision of exclusion from the Association shall be notified to the interested party via registered letter; the excluded party can submit a petition to the Board of Directors and subsequently to the associates whose decision is not open to appeal. Associates who are excluded due to default must pay all the association fees in arrears to be readmitted to the Association. Associates who resign or are excluded do not have any rights on the social assets.


Art. 5 bis - Honorary associates

The Board of Directors, with the majority of 2/3 (two thirds) of the members can decide on the admission of honorary associates. Honorary associates are outstanding personalities in the social-economic, financial and education fields, of absolute and recognised prestige, who distinguished themselves in their career and with an age of over 50-years-old at the moment of the decision for admission by the Board of Directors, they shall also not exercise any professional economic or education activity either on their own or otherwise.
Honorary associates shall be presented for admittance to the Board by the President and by at least one of the two Vice-Presidents or by at least three Directors. Honorary associates have the same rights and obligations of ordinary associates, except for the payment of the association fee from which they are exempted for life. Honorary associates shall not have any rights on association assets.


Art. 7 - Association Boards

The Boards of the Association are the following:
Assembly of associates.
Board of Directors.
Control board consisting of the Board of Auditors or by the Auditor.


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