Eurodefi Professional Club of Tax, Legal & Financial Advisers

Eurodefi is a non-profit organisation, founded in Milan by a group of professionals who, from 1991 to 2010, were already working together, under the auspices Eurodefi G.E.I.E, a European group that, for twenty years, has focussed on economic interests, sharing a web of professionals and an international network of over 450 offices across Europe .
From 1991 to 2010, Eurodefi, G.E.I.E. operated the link between various offices and for the exchange of cultural and business opportunities among the partners, also in field of accounting and management consulting, via two companies in which G.E.I.E. had a majority stake.
In 2010, in accordance with the new industrial plan, the partners of Eurofefi decided to “downsize and simplify” the intricate “old professional network” of the organisation in order to develop a national “Club” of professionals, including chartered accountants and attorneys specialising in company and bankruptcy law, bank and M&A.
Membership to Eurodefi professional club is open to all auditors and financial advisers who can actively support the professional activity of fellow associates.
The industrial plan on which the change in Eurodelfi has been based foresees that for every single province in Italy there is at least one chartered accountant office and one attorney specialised in company law in order to ensure a capillary and qualified presence on the territory and a connection with the international partner offices.
With reference to international strategy, as well as the pre-existing professional partnerships in Europe developed in the twenty years of experience, negotiations with the most important professional networks in Europe are currently ongoing in order to afford Eurodefi with two more partnerships with international networks.
Our philosophy has changed to being in keeping with modern society: streamlining and qualifications, sharing the concept of a “Club” of professionals, the pleasure that is achieved by meeting a network of fellow professionals and saving money by being able to connect to every professional in every region and every province in Italy and abroad, in order to ensure global exposure for your own activity.
The concept of a “Club” has replaced that of a network, which means the focus is on quality and on the sense of belonging to an exclusive “group of professionals”, divided, in an internal register, according to their specialisations, selected professionals who co-operate and support each other, with loyalty and across the country.



The spirit of “service” towards colleagues is the bond uniting “Eurodefi Professional Club” partners

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